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FLY GUY THE MUSICAL  flyguy-e1486762658677

May 20 – June 11, 2017

Buzz has the most unusual pet – a fly named Fly Guy! Though the pairing appears odd, Buzz and Fly Guy discover that their friendship can help them overcome any challenges they face, including a nefarious manufacturer of fly swatters! This world premiere musical about a boy and his fly is based on the popular book series of Tedd Arnold. (Ages 4+)    

The performance runs 60 minutes without an intermission.






Pippi Longstocking

presented by Bay Area Children’s Theatre

Saturday, Feb 25 – Sunday, March 19 2017

Story by Astrid Lindgren
Adapted for the Stage by Thomas W. Olson

Music by Roberta Carlson
Additional Music by Victor Zupanc
Directed by Michael Mohammed

The performance runs 60 minutes without an intermission.


Presented by the SF Playhouse Sandbox Series-
June 22 -July 16 2016 ~ Thursdays at 7, Fridays at 8, Saturdays at 3 & 8 PM
When Ana, Julia and Mehr all fall in love with the same mysterious man, these old friends must reexamine the rules of their friendship in a technologically-saturated world. Inspired by its namesake the seminal antifeminist dating guide The Rules, The Time Tested Secrets For Capturing The Heart of Mr Right, THE RULES is a fable about love and blindness and the promise of happy endings. It is a “late” coming of age story.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

goodnight_square smaller
Based on the book by author Sherri Duskey Rinker and illustrator Tom Lichtenheld.
Book, lyrics and music by Austin Zumbro.
Directed by Nina Meehan.
August 6-August 28 2016
Bedtime is approaching, and this team of construction vehicles needs to get their rest. But Crane Truck is getting cranky, Cement Mixer takes too long with bathtime, and Dump Truck just isn’t sleepy! Excavator and Bulldozer find that preparing for bed is a job in itself! Will they ever get some shut-eye before tomorrow’s day of work? A world premiere musical based upon the best-selling book! Appropriate for all ages.

Elephant and Piggie’s We are in a Play!elepiggy

Rickshaw Girl

 presented by Bay Area Children’s Theatrerickshaw_square_lower



Bad Kitty on Stage                                          badkitty_square

presented by

 Bay Area Children’s Theatre

   Lemony Snicket’s The Lump of Coallump_of_coal_square copy

 presented by Bay Area Children’s Theatre



Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! TYA

 presented by

 Bay Area Children’s Theatre

October 10 – November 8 2015

The beloved story about the adventures of the Potts family and their miraculous car comes to the stage in a special, musical version for young audiences. Sing along as Jeremy and Jemima take on the Vulgarians, who want Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the Baron’s birthday.



 Computer Mouse

  Computer Mouse

A New Children’s Musical

presented by


Story and Lyrics by Marcia Trimble
Music by Austin Davy
     The story of Madison Mousekin and her adventure as computer mouse comes to the stage in a new modern day musical for young audiences.
     It seems so easy when Genie grants Madison’s wish to be computer mouse point guard. But when Madison clicks too quickly on a link with gobs of cheese, she finds that it is not easy after all. Computer Pro, Jack, disguised as a computer virus, and Wiki pedia are only a few of the characters she meets on her journey to find her inner hero.
Lots of songs to remember.
                                                                                                                          November 21, 2015|  11:30am & 2:00pm
For more information, contact Theater-on-Wheels

The Day the Crayons QuitBACTcrayons_square

 the Musical

presented by

 Bay Area Children’s Theatre

August 1 – August 23, 2015

Duncan loves to color. So you can imagine his surprise when he discovers that his crayons, ahem, want to have a word with him. The situation is urgent, and Duncan clearly needs to think out of the box! A hilarious new musical for munchkins and their families, adapted from the award-winning, New York Times bestseller, THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT, by author Drew Daywalt and illustrator Oliver Jeffers.





presented by

Lorraine Hansberry Theatre

Written by George Stevens Jr.
Directed by Margo Hall

July 9  – July 25, 2015|

THURGOOD is a powerful one-man play first produced on Broadway in April 2008, starring Laurence Fishburne. Lorraine Hansberry Theatre’s production features LHT’s Artistic Director, Steven Anthony Jones, as Thurgood Marshall, one of the defining American characters of the 20th Century. Thurgood rose from the back alleys of Baltimore to become a Civil Rights era icon and the first African-American Justice to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. He was the architect of several successful court challenges that became the foundation of the civil rights movement.

LHT, entering its 35th year, remains true to its core mission and relevant, as ever, with this timely production. In 2015, as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment and the 50th anniversary hallmarks of the Civil Rights Era including the passing of the Voting Rights Act in August 1965, Lorraine Hansberry Theatre contends that now is the time to re-inspire citizens by providing a modern day civic lesson through the non-threatening forum of the performing arts.

Performances of THURGOOD will be followed by talkbacks between the audience, the artist and community leaders about the impact of desegregation with frank, informed and thought-provoking discussions about civil rights struggles then and now. Invitations to participate in talkback panels include Plaintiff Civil Rights Attorney John Burris, Eva Patterson of the Equal Justice Society, San Francisco City Supervisors, SFPD and BART Police Chiefs, and others.




The Barber of Seville for Families

 presented by

San Francisco Opera

This movie is a great way for audiences young and old to learn about the magic of opera. The production is sung in English with English subtitles and is preceded by a 15 minute introduction. Total run-time is 75 minutes. Recommended for ages 5 and up


Fancy Nancy, The Musical

presented by

 Bay Area Children’s Theatre

June 13 – June 21, 2015

Does it glitter? She loves it! Does it sparkle? She’s thrilled. In Nancy’s play world, even words can be fancy as long as they are lonnnggg . . . or French! Nancy and her dance class friends will soon perform Deep Sea Dance, their first recital—that’s fancy for show! She dreams of donning a tiara and diving into the role of an elegant mythical ocean dweller, but will she get the part? Book and lyrics by Susan DiLallo. Music and lyrics by Danny Abosch. Based on the New York Times bestselling Fancy Nancy series by Jane O’Connor. Directed by Tracy Ward.


Josephine graphic

Josephine and the

Sheep of Dreams    

 presented by

Lyricabella Productions


Children’s Creativity Museum

Book, Music and Lyrics by Caroline Altman

Directed by Caroline Altman

May 2 – May 17, 2015

When Josephine lost her mother she also lost a vivacious storytelling friend.  Now she is faced with a world that seems lonely and dull to her, and her teachers and friends are always telling her to “get her head out of the clouds”.

Josephine only feels at peace when she is dreaming.  One night she goes on an ultimate dream journey where she encounters a flock of sheep, a neurotic elf, the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy, a boy who is convinced he is Peter Pan, and her mother.  Captured by the Dream Thief, Josephine is forced to make a choice between reality and fantasy.

With the aid of her dream mother, and a chorus of sheep, Josephine learns the lessons needed to be whole again in the real world (fantasies intact!)

Suitable for ages 5 and up!


The Miraculous Journey

                 of Edward Tulane

presented by Bay Area Children’s Theatre

March 28 – April 12, 2015

When Edward, an elegant china rabbit, is snatched from the arms of the little girl who adores him, his easy existence becomes an epic, sometimes painful journey that touches the lives of everyone he meets, from an old fisherman to a hobo to a little boy protecting his sister. A moving stage adaptation by Dwayne Hartford of Kate DeCamillo’s award-winning tale about being loved and learning to love. Directed by Doyle Ott.

Recommended for age 8 and up.



Marshall High School Choir  (Marshall, TX)

presented by Children’s Creativity Museum

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Enjoy a free concert of choral music from one of the most highly regarded high school music programs in the country.

Under the leadership of Head Director Sandi Parks, MHS Choirs have traveled across the country, performing in St. Louis, Washington DC, and New York City (Carnegie Hall). This is their first return to San Francisco since 2009, where they were awarded a Gold Prize Award at the San Francisco Choral Festival.

Songs will include “California Dreamin'”, “Stand By Me”, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and more traditional choral anthems.



Children’s Creativity Museum Speaker Series  Alison_smaller-e1423260456730



Thursday, March 5, 2015

Join renowned psychologist and author Alison Gopnik for a discussion on recent research suggesting that children may be better at generating new ideas and are more creative than adults.


A Stone’s Throw

Three Little Birds3littlebirds

A New Reggae Children’s Musical

presented by Bay Area Children’s Theatre

Based on the story by Cedella Marley
Adapted for the stage by Michael J. Bobbitt
Additional music and lyrics by John L. Cornelius, II
Directed by Michael Mohammed

February 21 – March 1, 2015

The reggae music of Bob Marley evokes the spirit of Jamaica in this modern-day fairytale about the unexpected adventures of timid, 11-year-old Ziggy. Watch out for evil Duppy, but “don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing gonna be all right!”


ACT act_newlogo_footer

presented by A.C.T. Young Conservatory

Written by JC Marshall
Directed by Domenique Lozano
A Co-Commission with His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, Scotland

February 10-15, 2015

Tomorrow Island is a tiny pebble in the freezing polar sea of the North.

Every year the eccentric islanders dig an ice runway so the supply plane can land.
One day they decide enough is enough. There’s a perfectly decent concrete runway on the abandoned island next door. And all they need to do to use it is declare war on one of the world’s greatest superpowers….

A play about identity, democracy, and ice golf.


James and the Giant PeachBACT_logo_james_figure

presented by Bay Area Children’s Theatre

Adaptation by Timothy Allen McDonald
Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
Directed by Nina Meehan

December 27, 2014 – January 4, 2015

An exciting new MUSICAL, inspired by Roald Dahl’s classic tale about the orphaned boy who escapes from his wicked aunts aboard an enormous enchanted peach inhabited by a bevy of very big bugs. Music and lyrics by the Tony Award-nominated team of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Adaptation by respected playwright and educator Timothy Allen McDonald.

Recommended for 4 and up.


Frozen Sing-Along


presented by

Children’s Creativity Museum

December 13 & 20, 2014  

“For the first time in forever” we will be screening Frozen in our Creativity Theater! “Let it go” and sing along with Elsa, Anna, Olaf and all of your friends. All ages are welcome; costumes are encouraged! Tickets $5 per person, ages 2 and older.


The Ballad of Bonnie Prince Chucky

presented by A.C.T. Young Conservatory

Written by Wendy Macleod
Directed by Amelia Stewart

November 18 -23, 2014|  

In this new play, co-commissioned by A.C.T. and His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen, Scotland, celebrated American playwright Wendy MacLeod offers a quick-witted comedy where clan warfare begins on the rugby pitch. When the team captain declares himself king and the only legitimate Charlie, the players (boys, girls and the conflicted) fight for the right to rule and the right to be called Charlie. MacLeod’s characters are sharply drawn, funny and sweet in this hilarious and romantic, contemporary Scottish play.

Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni

presented by Waffle Opera

Written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Stage Director- Sarah Young
Music Director – Ben Malkevitch

October 24  – November 2, 2014

Sex. Revenge. Freedom. What it means to truly love.

This is Mozart’s most gripping opera: the tale of Don Juan and the lives he changed. For a man raging against society, will his passions make him a hero? Or will they condemn him to a terrible end?

Spooky and gothic, this is the perfect Halloween event. Tickets include our famous reception of fresh baked waffles and drinks.

Waffle Opera is a brand new opera company founded by young artists to promote young artists and the art form we love. Our brand of edgy, innovative, and passionate opera is loved by opera enthusiasts and first timers alike.

200 ThrillridesThrillride Logo

presented by Thrillride Mechanics/Debra Mosk Productions

September 20, 2014

A fiercly animated & fantastical Fundraiser for Thrillride Mechanics, San Francisco’s hyper-comical theater of human animation.

Songs, dances, promenades, fierce drag, manic physical comedy, thrills, impassioned speeches & idiocy!

Featuring an All-Star Bay Area cast including:
Heklina, Matthew Martin, Sara Moore, Rory Davis, Dawn Meredith Smith, Texas “Chainsaw” Holly, Cirque Du Soleil star clown Diane “Pino” Wasnak, High-Flying Aerial Circus Star Veronica Blair and many surprise guest stars!

Fabulous finger foods from The Betty Crocker Party Book, Circa 1962!


Mingus Remixed

presented by Lorraine Hansberry Theatre

Written by and Featuring  Barry Shabaka Henley
Directed by Delroy Lindo

September 5 & 6, 2014

Mingus Remixed is a musical exploration of the life and myth of composer and jazz bassist, Charles Mingus, examining the final moments of his life. According to conductor Gunter Schuler, “— Along with Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, was the greatest Jazz composer of the 20th century. Mingus’s intricate, complex, compositions in the genres of jazz and classical music illustrate his ability to be dynamic in both the strings and the swing.”

Mingus truly was a product of America in all its historic complexities. His mother, Harriet, was half black and half Chinese, and his father, Charles Sr., was half black and half Swedish, making Mingus a true reflection of the hybrid nature of our divided nation.

Mingus Remixed is a tribute presented in cabaret style, telling the unknown story of one of America’s greatest composers. The setting is Mingus’s deathbed, January 4, 1979, which exists in the parallel universe of the Cosmic Note Jazz Club. We find Charles in a wheelchair, age 56, taking his last 10 breaths before dying of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). In his crossing over he must come to terms with life, death, art, and the blessing and burden of blackness, in a world of white supremacy.

We celebrate Mingus with his music and original compositions, and the fiercely beautiful dancing of Robert Henry Johnson. The musical quartet on stage, is led by Piano man and composer Muziki Roberson and sound designer and composer David Allen Jr., while our protagonist, Mingus, is being portrayed by Barry Shabaka Henley.

Mingus says, “It is last call; I call the last tune, my last ten breaths. We begin at the ending and move forward. I am dying, Papa Elegua, here I come.” We look forward to sharing the last ten breaths of the life of an American musical treasure.

Five Little Monkeys


presented by Bay Area Children’s Theatre

Book by Ernie Nolan
Directed by Karen Altree Piemme

August 16 – 24, 2014

Those Five Little Monkeys will get into as much mischief on stage at Children’s Creativity Museum as they do in their namesake picture books by Eileen Christelow. Take cover when they make that birthday cake for Mama . . . meet up with a crocodile . . . and disappear in the store! Not to mention all that jumping! The play’s all in rhyme/You’ll have a great time! Book by Ernie Nolan. Directed by Karen Altree Piemme.




BACT LBGandBBB small

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy, the Musical

presented by Bay Area Children’s Theatre

Adapted from the Books by David Soman and Jacky Davis

June 21 -29, 2014 

This world premiere musical will buzz into your heart, as Lulu, Sam, and their playground friends explore the power of imagination. Inspired by the wildly popular picture books by David Soman and Jacky Davis.



Love is Queer!

The Gay American Songbook

a circus-theater-cabaret

presented by   ethaerial Arts and the National Queer Arts Festival

June 25 & 26, 2014

Love is Queer! The Gay American Songbook mixes music with circus and drag to theatrically reinterpret classic cabaret standards into a genre bending and gender blending celebration of the essential queerness of love. Swinging between heartache and hope and teasing new meanings out of old, familiar songs Love is Queer! features San Francisco’s classiest drag celebrity, jazz songstress Honey Mahogany (HBO’s Looking; RuPaul’s Drag Race), and one-of-a-kind, aerial chanteuse M.Lee (Topsy Turvy, NQAF 2013). Strike up the band, come to the cabaret, and run away to the circus all at once. LiQ! is a production of ethaerial arts, devising inspirational live performance with artistry and humor. Launched with a Creating Queer Community grant from the QCC and made with generous support from Kinetic Arts Center, the East Bay’s best choice for “circus, fitness and inspiration.”



Teach for America

presented by   A.C.T. Master of Fine Arts Program &    A.C.T. Young Conservatory

May 14-17, 2014

Written by Rob Ackerman
Directed by W.D. Keith

Hoping to make a difference, a recent college grad goes to a troubled urban school and lands in the crossfire among discouraged students, angry adults, and overburdened administrators. Politics, prejudice, and sex collide in this story of one girl’s good intentions and how they all go wrong. Hilarious and heartbreaking, Teach for America takes us to the front lines of our nation’s battle over education.


stayingwild_image_200pxStaying Wild

presented by A.C.T. Young Conservatory

May 29 – June 7, 2014

Music and Lyrics by Creighton Irons
Book and additional lyrics by Janet Allard
Musical Director Robert K. Rutt
Choreographer Christine Mattison
Directed by Domenique Lozano and Craig Slaight

Eight teenagers set out on an outdoor wilderness adventure in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana. When their guide mysteriously disappears and the FBI shows up looking for him, these diverse and seemingly incompatible characters struggle to overcome their biases and personal differences as they embark on a journey of survival and self-discovery. An earthy and passionate score holds them together as they discover their true purpose for being in the wild.


4193981.pdfYouth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam Semi-Finals

May 2 & 3, 2014

presented by Youth Speaks

Celebrate the voices of 21st century America! Youth Speaks hosted the first Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam in 1997, the first poetry slam for teenagers in the country. The annual slam (an Olympic-style poetry competition) features hundreds of young writers, emcees, and performers from throughout the Bay Area and Northern California, and attracts almost 10,000 audience members during its month-long run.

The Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam is open to any youth 13-19 years old in the greater Bay Area. Here is the schedule for the 2014 slam season — join hundreds of young artists and leaders as they take the stage, speak truth to power, and perform for a chance to represent at the Grand Slam Finals.



Taikoza Live in SF

April 21, 2014

presented by Taikoza

Taikoza, the masterful Japanese Taiko Drummers are in San Francisco for one amazing evening of mind-blowing drumming. Back after last year’s sold out concert in San Francisco. Taikoza hits the stage with a high-energy performance of traditional and original Japanese tunes featuring the soulful bamboo flutes and an amazing array of ancestral Taiko drums. The show will also feature some sensual and colorful traditional dances that you will not want to miss. This concert will be part of the celebration for the Cherry Blossom.



BACT Mercy Watson Small

Mercy Watson to the Rescue

March 22 & 23, March 29 & 30, 2014

presented by Bay Area Children’s Theatre

Written by Victoria Stewart
Based on the book by Kate DiCamillo
Directed by Emily Morrison Austin

When the Watsons move into their new home with their darling porcine wonder, Mercy, their neighbor, Eugenia, is appalled to discover that she is living next door to a PIG. Her solution? A call to Animal Control. This wild, comic adventure is adapted from the hilarious series by Kate DiCamillo.



No Man’s Land

March 15. 2014

presented by Rajiv Satyal

A standup comedian sets out to define manhood in modern society, based on his own comedic – and tragic – adventures with women.

Written and performed by Rajiv Satyal
Directed by Samara Bay

No Man’s Land has had successful engagements in New York and Los Angeles.

Reviewers say:    “… a strong contender for a Best Comic Solo Show Award from whoever gives those things out. Witty and insightful… Satyal takes the mundane and makes it meaningful.” – stagehappenings.com




Saturdays and Sundays, February 8 – March 2, 2014

presented by Lyricabella Productions and Children’s Creativity Museum

a musical adaptation of The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams
Written and directed by Caroline Altman

Whiskers!, a Musical Adaptation of The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, celebrates the relationships that develop within a found family of mischievous toys. Follow Rabbit’s universal quest to become “REAL” through humor, song and this classic story, adapted by composer/lyricist Caroline Altman, as told from the toys’ perspective. (Grades K-6)


Durst WillStandSmile

The Big Fat Year End Kiss Off Comedy Show

December 26, 2013

presented by Will Durst and Friends 

The Big Fat Year End Kiss Off Comedy Show is celebrating its Twenty First Year of bringing laughter to the masses in the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

Helmed by America’s premier political comedian Will Durst, it is a show that travels the Bay Area during that week, presenting a show that is written by the cast just before the end of the Christmas season.  It is a night of hilarity, offering stand up comedy, improvisation and loosely written sketches about the news highlights of the entire year.

Joining Will Durst is Pittsburgh native Johnny Steele, the improvisation duo of Debi Durst and Michael Bossier, Mari Magaloni, and Arthur Gaus.

Carole_PR2It’s Christmas, Carole!

presented by Thrillride Mechanics

Written by Michael Phillis
Directed by Andrew Nance

December 12 – 22, 2013

It’s Christmas, Carole! – A World-Premiere Human Cartoon is the story of Carole, a grumpy management secretary working for Scrooge Industries in modern-day San Francisco. When Mr. Scrooge forces his employees to work over the holidays, Carole is happy to oblige… until she is visited by three strange and unlikely spirits, including The Ghost of Christmas Breaks and The Ghost of Christmas Bonuses. In the adventure that follows, Carole learns the true meaning of the holidays…

Brought to you by the Thrillride Mechanics — the creative team that wowed Bay Area critics and audiences with last summer’s all-ages hit WUNDERWORLD — It’s Christmas, Carole! uses animated physical comedy, innovative puppetry, a living soundscape, and outrageous costumes to create a hilarious and heartwarming holiday tale perfect for audiences of all ages.

Jewish NutcrackerThe Jewish Nutcracker

December 6 – 8, 2013

presented by World Dance Fusion

The Jewish Nutcracker tells the story of Chanukah, as Jews all over the world do when they gather to commemorate the rededication of the Temple. The full-length production opens with a Chanukah party set in modern day San Francisco. The audience is then transported to the time of the Second Temple, where cultural dance explores Diaspora. The original Tchaikovsky score amplifies a true harmony of multiple dance forms, a variety of costumes, and travel through time and place.


October 27, 2013
presented by The Mother Company

October 25, 2013
Panel Discussion:
The View from High School for Students with Learning and Attention Differences
presented by Parents Education Network